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SS Atlantic Heritage ParkSS Atlantic Interpretation Centre
A a must see shipwreck museum in Nova Scotia is the S.S. Atlantic Heritage Park and Interpretation Centre, located in the beautiful community of Terence Bay. In 2002 the Interpretation Centre was built to commemorate and preserve the memory of the S.S. Atlantic; a luxury streamship that sank April 1st, 1873 off the rocky coast of Lower Prospect.

Of the 952 passengers aboard this White Star Line Ship, only 390 survived,  This tradedy was the worst marine disaster to happen in the North Atlantic prior to the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. 2013 marked the 140th anniversary of the sinking of the S.S. Atlantic.

The Park and Interpretation Centre are part of a conservation effort to preserve the gravesite and educate the public about this significant piece of maritime history.  While walking in the heritage park, visitors will see many important landmarks, including a plaque marking the original St. Paul's church which burnt down in 1942, a monument erected in 1915 marking the mass burial site of 277 unidentified victims of the wreck, and the ship's anchor.  The boardwalk and trail will take you along the picturesque shoreline of Terence Bay.

Visit the Interpretation Centre to learn the fascinating story of the SS Atlantic. View the amazing artifacts from the ship and to enjoy some freshly baked snacks. The Centre houses many artifacts recovered from the shipwreck by divers, salvage workers and various members of the community.  One of the most exciting and recent artificats is a White Star Line flag donated by Andrew Thomas. He was the great grandson of the ship's captain, James A. Williams.  Another new addition to the musuem is a large porthole which would have come from the lower part of the ship's hull.  In addition to information about the wreck, there are informative displays about the community of Terence Bay and the Nova Scotia Tartan.  At the end of the tour, browse through the collection of beautiful and unique crafts made by Nova Scotia artisands.

The Centre is open between 10am and 5pm; 7 days a week from mid-May to Thanksgiving. The park its self is open year around.

Admisson: Free, however donations are greatly appreciated.

180 Sandy Cove Road, Terrance Bay
Tel. 902-852-1557
Email: ssatlantic@ns.sympatico.ca
Website: www.ssatlantic.com