Bask at a Beach

We have 10.

 The most popular is at Queensland Provincial Park. It is a supervised beach where you will find change rooms, toilets and a chip wagon during the summer months. It is located in Queensland, just north of Hubbards, on rote 3. Although you will notice the locals doing it, do not park on the side of the road - you may get a ticket! There is a parking lot at the beach and also paid parking is available across the road.
Another popular beach is at Bayswater Provincial Park at the tip of the Aspotogan Peninsula. Again this is a supervised beach with rolling waves the kids will love. Across the road from the beach you will find a lovely picnic area with tables and toilets.

Whynacht's Beach, the middle beach of three sand beaches in Queensland, is known for its unique qualities. During the winter months, the beach loses all its sand, which returns again in the spring. Whynacht's Beach is one of only two beaches in all of North America where the waves come directly, straight-on to the shore - the only other one being in Virginia. Whynacht's Beach is a great place to enjoy the surf, and sometimes, crashing waves. Like all three Queensland beaches, Whynacht's Beach has a freshwater lagoon behind it.

Although not as sandy as some of our other beaches, the Black Point Beach is a popular spot for snorkeling. Snorkeling from this beach, one can discover a whole array of marine life, from lobsters and crabs to eels and various kinds of rock fish. At low tide, the beach is also a pleasant place for swimming. 

For a tiny little beach, Puddle Beach sure has a lot of admirers. A tiny little strip of sand, maybe 100 feet in length, this well-protected beach is a fun place for kids. The water swishes back and forth from the sea into a stream that comes from a small freshwater body of water across Highway 3, known as "The Puddle." This popular little spot in Black Point is a great connection point to the St. Margaret's Bay Trail, where you can hike or bike. Within a short bike ride, you can easily access three or four beaches in the area in a short period of time. 

Cleveland Beach is the most easterly of the three beaches in Queensland and is a popular sand beach, with a picnic area, walkway and ramps

Hubbards beachA privately controlled and maintained beach, Hubbards Beach is one of the most popular beaches in our area. Fort a nominal fee, you can experience this wonderful sand beach, located at the end of Shore Club Road, off Route 3. Sheltered by Hubbards Cove, the gentle slope of Hubbards Beach allows swimmers to wade well out into the water. During the summer months, beach caretakers place a raft in the cove for people to swim out to and dive from. A nearby lake is also a great place for children to feed the ducks.

Tucked away from major highway routes, Hubbards Beach is a neighbourhood beach, so it is not overly crowded. But on great summer days, it can still be a busy place.
There are outdoor change rooms, toilets and parking. When parking spaces at the beach are full, there is overflow parking within easy walking distance.

fox point whatf Fox Point Beach is a great beach for adult swimmers. Its steep incline and sandy bottom also make it a popular spot for divers, both experienced scuba divers and those just learning to dive. The beach has a small arc and its water gets deep fairly quickly.

mill cove beach A great feature of the Mill Cove Beach is that it is one of the sunniest spots you will find on the Aspotogan Peninsula. A sand and pebble beach, not on the main road, Mill Cove Beach is tucked away in a sheltered cove. It has a wooden deck, picnic spot, and a wading area from a freshwater brook that flows into the cove.

East River Beach is located at the very end of the Peggy's Cove Area at the intersection of routes 329 and 3. It is a provincial picnic park with parking, picnic tables and a lovely sandy beach.