Take a Yoga Class

Cathy Guest at Freewheeling Adeventures in The Lodge offers a variety of options for the yogis at heart on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. You might consider the Yoga Retreat, the Bike and Yoga Getawayor a five hour Bike Skills and Yoga session. You can come to class, enjoy a private session, or have a special retreat designed especially for one or more incorporating all the things you love: peaceful and beautiful surroundings, food that is good for you AND tastes good, and a mix of yoga, bicycling, kayaking, walking, chanting, meditation, dancing, or whatever your dreams dictate! 

If you regularly practice yoga, you already know its benefits. Practitioners find that they feel better when they do yoga, have a realistic sense of their body’s capabilities, and enjoy a calmer, more balanced way of looking at their world. Contact Cathy at:

Freewheeling Adventures
270 Route 329
The Lodge
Phone: 902-857-3600
Toll-free: 800-672-0775 (North America only)
Fax: 902-857-3612
Email: adventure@freewheeling.ca
Website: http://www.freewheeling.ca/adventures/NovaScotiaYogaConnection.html