Funding Request

Please download the Funding Request Form here (PDF format).

Funding Guidelines

All projects/events must serve a community (or communities) located within the area served by St. Margaret’s Bay Regional Tourism Development Association (SMBRTDA), from Goodwood to East River.
Applications to the SMBRTDA community grants fund will be considered on the basis of one annually per organization.
Application deadlines will fall on April 1 and Sept. 1 annually, effective September 2012.
Individual grants to support community events and projects will be made within a $500-$1000 range. A tourism-related endevour or infrastructure project may be considered for additional funding. 
On behalf of the Board and the Association, the fund trustees reserve the right to consider any and all applications and to make the final decision on funding awards. 
  • Not-for-profit organizations must be incorporated through the Registry of Joint Stocks Company.
  • A community-group or business may apply provided a list of names and signatures of people  who have agreed to collaborate on the project is included in the application.
Application Requirements: 
  • Provide a clear, specific statement of the goals and details of the project.
  • Include the following supporting documentation:
  • Complete budget for all events and projects
  • Letters of support from the immediate and /or greater community
  • List of other sources of funding as SMBRTDA does not provide 100% funding for projects.
Funding Review:
Applications will be reviewed using a point system. The review will consider the following criteria: 
1. State how the project complements the SMBRTDA’s mission statement; ‘to foster the growth and development of a sustainable tourism industry in the St. Margaret’s Bay Region and to strengthen its position as a destination, while maintaining the cultural and environmental integrity of the region.’ 
2. Is there a need for the project?
3. Does the project have significant community support?
4. Is the budget realistic? 
5. Is there enough scope to enhance visitation to the entire region? 
6. Will the project promote the unique attributes of the region?
7. Will the project likely generate an economic impact?
8. Does the project generate the likelihood of overnight stays?
Final Report: 
The applicant/s must agree to submit an evaluation report to SMBRTDA within one month of the event taking place or completion of the project. The report is to include: 
1. A statement of which goals were achieved and/or those which were not
2. A financial report of how the money was spent
3. A statement of perceived impact of the project.