Prospect Area

Map Of Prospect Area
The Prospect Area of the Peggy's Cove Region follows along route 333 from Goodwood to West Dover.

Though just outside Halifax, Prospect is an escape from it all.  Here, the landlubber can play a round of golf or hike pristine wilderness, while the seafaring folk and adventure visitors can kayak hidden inlets and climb granite outcrops.

The tiny fishing villages along the Atlantic Ocean in the Prospect Area are the first to greet the ships coming into the Port of Halifax.

To fully experience this area you should follow the side roads that will take you to the villages of Terence Bay, Lower Prospect, Prospect, West Dover and East Dover. 

 SS Atlantic Heritage ark
For a perfect day exploring the Prospect area we suggest that you visit the SS Atlantic Heritage site in Terence Bay. Spend the morning in the visitor centre learning about this tragic ship wreck and exploring the grounds along the ocean. Enjoy your picnic lunch at the oceanside picnic tables.

Spend the afternoon kayaking around the islands and inlets of Prospect Bay, exploring the villages of Prospect and lower Prospect or hiking along the Atlantic Ocean. Other options include golf at Indian Lake or Granite Springs Golf Course or spend the afternoon practicing your swing at the Goodwood Family Golf Centre.

If you are really adventuresome, try your hand at bouldering. The granite rocks and out-croppings in the area are ideal for this sport.