SS Atlantic Heritage Site

SS Atlantic Heritage Site

The SS Atlantic Heritage Park serves as a memorial to those who perished in the sinking of the SS Atlantic off the shores of Mars Head, Lower Prospect, near Peggy's Cove, on April 1st, 1873.  It is a tribute to those who helped in the rescue effort, and a tranquil setting of ocean-side beauty to be enjoyed by everyone who loves nature.  It is also an experience that enlightens the visitor about a part of the maritime history of Nova Scotia. 

The collection at the SS Atlantic Heritage Park reflects the history of the event and how the disaster of the SS Atlantic impacted on the local people.  The collection celebrates the marine and village life and culture at Terence Bay and Lower Prospect during the period from 1800 until 1900.

The waterfront park includes a monument, a boardwalk and gazebo.  An interpretive centre/museum and panels provide an account of the heroic rescue and mass burial.

178 Sandy Cove Road

Terence Bay, Nova Scotia B3T 1Y5

Phone: 1-902-852-1557

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