Commemorative Sites

Sadly, this beautiful coastline has been the site of heartrending tragedies, and these are respectfully commemorated in four locations throughout the region. 

The SS Atlantic Heritage Park in Terence Bay commemorates the calamitous shipwreck of 1873 and subsequent loss of life when the White Star liner, SS Atlantic, ran aground near Lower Prospect.    

Two Swissair Memorials have been erected in memory of those who perished in September, 1998, when Swissair Flight 111 crashed near the entrance to St. Margaret`s Bay: one site is within the Peggy`s Cove Preservation Area, and the other is located in Bayswater on the Aspotogan Peninsula. 

In Peggy`s Cove, on the William deGarthe property, there is a unique memorial: carved into a natural granite outcropping is the Fishermen`s Monument, deGarthe`s remarkable tribute to honour fishers and their families.

Most regrettably, the sea still claims victims. 

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Photos courtesy of Nova Scotia Tourism, Develop Nova Scotia, Discover Halifax and Wally Hayes.

Peggy's Cove Region